Public Lot Sales

Lots in this prestigious gated community start from $369,900 and are available directly through the developer, allowing you to build the home of your dreams with the homebuilder of your choice.

Click for our interactive map to view lot availability and pricing.

A limited number of lots are available. To purchase your lot, contact:


Public Lot Hold Policy

  • To put a lot on hold, phone Beaverbrook at 780-484-4389.
  • Your lot will be held for seven days.
  • Beaverbrook will prepare a Lot Purchase Agreement. You must complete the agreement and provide a 20% deposit for the total price of the lot within the seven day period.
  • Remaining balance is due in 90 days.

To challenge a lot on hold

  • Provide Beaverbrook with a 20% deposit of the total lot price.
  • Beaverbrook will notify the current lot holder. The current lot holder will be given 48 hours (not including weekends or statutory holidays) to complete the Lot Purchase Agreement and provide his 20% deposit or release the lot.
  • If current lot holder releases the lot, the challenger will be required to complete a Lot Purchase Agreement.